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Person Details
Name: BIGELOW, ZACK LEE        
Gender: M

Employment in a regulated non-commissioned capacity is permitted only upon submission of a substantially complete application, as defined in PSB Administrative Rule §35.21(b). In most cases, this will require, at a minimum, the submission of fingerprints and all required fees.

Employment as a commissioned officer or personal protection officer is not permitted prior to licensure.

Registered or Substantially
Complete Application
– Individual has met the above requirements for employment by a business licensed by DPS to provide investigative or security services.

See definition of
"Not Registered or
Application Incomplete" here.

Contact PSB.

Not Registered or
Application Incomplete
– Individual is no longer registered, has not met the above requirements or does not meet the standards for licensure and is not eligible for employment by a business licensed by DPS. Those who are registered as Owner/Officer/Partner/Shareholder, Manager and Supervisors are only eligible for employment with the company that submitted the application; when these individuals are terminated from that business, the individual is no longer eligible for employment in a regulated capacity as an Owner/Officer/Partner/Shareholder, Manager or Supervisor with that business. Any other registrations held by an Owner/Officer/Partner/Shareholder, Manager or Supervisor are not affected.

Registration Details
Registration TypeIssue DateExpire DateStatus
Commissioned Security Officer 11/14/201411/14/2016Not Registered or
Application Incomplete
Non-Commissioned Security Officer  Not Registered or
Application Incomplete
Employment Details
CompanyCompany License #Registration TypeHire DateTerminate Date
ADMIRAL SECURITY SERVICES, INC B18160Commissioned Security Officer6/1/2016 
DALLAS SECURITY AND ALARM C18878Commissioned Security Officer9/16/20145/20/2015
HEALTH CARE SECURITY SERVICES INC. B19616Commissioned Security Officer5/14/2015 
W3 EVENT SPECIALIST, INC. B10740Non-Commissioned Security Officer9/15/2006 
Training Details
Training DateTraining Description
7/12/2014Level III
9/5/2014Level IV
7/12/2014Level II