Texas DPS Unidentified Person Bulletin

Date Picture Updated: 7/11/2018
“The above is a forensic artist’s facial reconstruction image. Although based strongly on scientific information, it may not be an exact likeness.”

Case Number: U9612001
Date Found: 12/02/1996
Estimated Date of Death: 11/01/1996
Race: White
Height: 5' 09" - 6' 00"
Eye Color: Unknown
City Found: Unknown
State Found: Texas

Age: 28 - 50
Cause of Death: Unknown
Sex: Male
Weight: 130 lbs. - 150 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown
County Found: TOM GREEN
Country Found: USA

The decedent was located in a pasture in the northern part of the county near the northeast bank of O.C. Fisher Lake. He is believed to be Caucasian, although Hispanic admixture should not be ruled out. He had wavy hair, a slight build, and small ears. Hairstyle and length depicted in the facial rendering is representative of victim’s exact hair at time of death. Items of clothing found near the remains were a “Roundtree and Yorke”-brand burgundy pullover sweatshirt (size large), light-blue “Levi’s”-brand 550 relaxed-fit, button-fly jeans (size 31” x 34”), white socks, and “Brahma”-brand hiking boots (size 7-1/2). An open package of “GPC”-brand cigarettes was on the ground near the body. A green “Outdoor Products”-brand backpack at the scene contained cans of “Cougar”-brand snuff and assorted toiletries. On the outside of the upper flap of the backpack was handwritten in dark marker: “Wayne Rudd Austin, TX. And damn proud of it!”

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Date Picture Updated: 7/11/2018

“Brahma”-brand work boots

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Anyone with additional information or questions regarding this case should contact
Texas Department of Public Safety, Missing Persons Clearinghouse
PO Box 4087, Austin, Texas 78773-0450; or by phone at 512-424-5074 or 1-800-346-3243