Highway Patrol Sergeant Floyd W. Etheridge

May 16, 1957 - October 28, 1969

Photo of Floyd W. Etheridge

On October 28, 1969, Highway Patrol Sergeant Floyd Etheridge ended his shift in Palestine, Texas by completing vehicle maintenance on his patrol car, a common practice required of Troopers across the State at the time, particularly in rural duty stations. While conducting maintenance on his patrol car to prepare it for patrol duties the following day, the vehicle became dislodged and crushed Sgt. Etheridge. The DPS Director, Colonel Wilson E. Spier, stated in 1969 that Etheridge's passing was "a real loss to law enforcement in Texas." In 2014, DPS Director McCraw awarded the DPS Memorial Cross to the surviving son and family members of Highway Patrol Sergeant Etheridge, honoring the service of Sgt. Etheridge and the family's sacrifice. "Sgt. Floyd Etheridge was dedicated to protecting and serving Texans, and he committed his career to that goal," said Director McCraw. "Today we honor his sacrifice and thank the Etheridge family for their continued strength."