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Texas Rangers Investigative Report

Branch Davidian Evidence
September 1999

Review The Continuous Report Here (PDF) (36 mb)

Individual sections of the report may be viewed below.

Memo to Chief Bruce Casteel from Sergeant Joey D. Gordon   9/9/99 (PDF)

List of Attachments

Attachment A

Attachment B

Attachment C

Photographs of Q1237

Attachment D

Ammunition Data Card

Lot Number 3-38

Attachment E

Photograph of Loaded XM651 E1 Cartridge from Lot NCI 3-38-1

Attachment F

Diagram 122-2-6

Attachment G

Technical Manual TM31310-243-10
Operator's Manual CTG-40-MM
Tactical CS, M651     January 1975

Attachment H

Attachment I

Photograph of Fired Gray and Red-Banded Projectile

Attachment J

Photograph of Q380

Attachment K

Diagram of Q380 made by Ranger Sergeant Joey D. Gordon

Attachment L

Diagram of 40 AG DM 118 A1 Projectile

Attachment M

Correspondence with NICO Pyrotechnik

Attachment N
Information on ARGUS 40 MM x 46 Flashbang 93

Attachment O

Copy of letter from Assistant United States Attorney Bill Johnston to United States Attorney General Janet Reno (PDF)