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News Release

July 3, 2020

DPS Encourages Texans to Make Safety on the Roads a Priority this Fourth of July

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Public Safety’s (DPS) annual July Fourth holiday traffic operations — Operation CARE (Crash Awareness and Reduction Effort) and Operation Holiday — are underway to help keep drivers safe on Texas roadways. These enforcement efforts will run through July 5. DPS Troopers are on the lookout for individuals who do not adhere to the Move Over, Slow Down law, as well as those who commit other traffic violations such as DWI, speeding and failure to wear a seat belt.

Operation Holiday focuses on individuals who violate traffic laws. During the 2019 enforcement campaign, Troopers issued more than 94,252 citations and warnings, including 1,593 seat belt and child safety restraint citations. DPS enforcement efforts also resulted in 8,601 speeding citations; 395 DWI arrests; and 320 fugitive arrests.

Operation CARE is geared towards reducing crashes and looking for violations of the state’s Move Over, Slow Down law, with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) assisting Troopers in a non-enforcement capacity. The law, originally passed in 2003, requires drivers to move over or slow down when certain vehicles — including police, fire, EMS, TxDOT vehicles and tow trucks — are stopped on the side of the road with emergency lights activated. During the Fourth of July enforcement in 2019, there were 661 warnings and 224 citations issued for people who violated the Move Over, Slow Down law.

DPS offers the following safety tips for those traveling this Fourth of July:

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