State Employee Amateur Radio Operator Registry

Texas Government Code, Sec. 661.919 states that “a state employee who holds an amateur radio station license issued by the Federal Communications Commission may be granted leave not to exceed 10 days each fiscal year to participate in specialized disaster relief services without a deduction in salary or loss of vacation time, sick leave, earned overtime credit, or state compensatory time if the leave is taken:
                (1)  with the authorization of the employee's supervisor; and
                (2)  with the approval of the governor.

The number of amateur radio operators who are eligible for leave under this section may not exceed 350 state employees at any one time during a state fiscal year.  The Texas Division of Emergency Management shall coordinate the establishment and maintenance of the list of eligible employees.”

State Amateur Radio Operator Service (SAROS) Standard Operating Procedures (PDF)


If you would like to add your name to the registry of state employees holding an amateur radio license being established by the Texas Division of Emergency Management, then please do so by filling out the State Employee Amateur Radio Operator Registry form (PDF) | (DOC) and emailing back to


   1. Question: How will I be activated?

Answer: Registrants should become familiar with local agencies that would be helped by their service. TDEM will not activate or deploy persons on the registry. 1) Should the Governor authorize use of the registrant list, those registrants could participate in a specialized disaster relief service for up to ten days leave if 2) that local agency requests their help and 3) the registrants supervisor authorizes them to participate.

   2. Question: How will I know if the Governor authorizes activation of the Registry?

Answer: If the Governor authorizes the activation of the registry then a blanket email will be sent to the registrants.

   3. Question: If I get to participate in a specialized disaster relief services how will I claim my time?

Answer: You will need a letter from your supervisor stating you were allowed to participate.  You will also need a letter from the agency you assisted indicating when, and for how long, you assisted.  You will need to provide these letters to your HR department.