Donate in Texas

When Disaster Strikes: Donate to the Organizations You Know

In the wake of disaster, the best way to reach out and help is to make cash donations to the charitable organizations you know. There are several reasons why making cash donations to well known organizations is more efficient and effective than donations of household items and other material goods.

In a disaster, the situation may be changing rapidly. Cash donations to known organizations give helpers on the ground more flexibility in providing what survivors really need.

Cash donations minimize problems involved in delivery and storage when roads and bridges are out and buildings are damaged and destroyed.

Cash donations keep relief workers in the area focused on their work with survivors, instead of pulling them away to sort, store and track various items.

When disasters occur in foreign lands, cultures may be very different. It is important for relief workers to be able to provide types of food, clothing and other materials acceptable to the culture. Cash donations make that process easier.