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Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2019 Vol. 66 No. 7

Message From The Chief

Welcome to Texas Emergency Management Online (TEMO).  In this issue you will learn more about relevant emergency management issues that impact our community. Check out the vast collection of archived editions of TEMO, many of which contain articles that are still as impactful as the day they were written. We are now a month into hurricane season. Our spring season ended with destructive storms across the state. Despite the many natural hazards we contend with on a regular basis, Texans are about being resilient and reading TEMO is a great way to help improve that resiliency.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) hosted a full-scale exercise on June 21st. The exercise simulated a category four hurricane making landfall along the Gulf Coast. Organizational partners, local jurisdictions and media joined in the event, contributing to the betterment of emergency preparedness and response across the state. Many thanks to all who participated and to those who continue to keep us better poised for confronting hazards.

Happy 4th of July to all! I hope you'll spend the day with family and friends celebrating the independence of our nation. July is Parks and Recreation Month AND National Picnic Month. Take advantage of one of the 50+ state parks or many local area parks we have in Texas Whatever your July 4th festivities include, please keep safety first and foremost by being mindful of weather conditions, local fireworks and burn ban policies, water safety and being smart about the increasing heat!

There are numerous resources available within these pages to help us learn more about preparing for almost any situation. Please continue to take advantage of this material and enjoy your summer!

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