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State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR)

Frequently Asked Questions

   1. Do I have to fill one STEAR form out for each individual with additional assistance needs?

Yes, each individual who needs assistance during an emergency event must register to register.

Nursing homes or assisted living facilities should fill out the "facility form" rather than the individual form.

   2. Can a STEAR form be filled out for someone else?

With their permission, a family member or volunteer can register another individual through 2-1-1 or by filling out a registration form.

   3. How long will my information be kept in the system?

Your information will be kept in the system for 1 year. You should reregister after that time period.

   4. What do I do if I move or no longer need assistance?

You should contact 2-1-1 to reregister if you move or no longer need assistance. You can also contact your local Emergency Management Coordinator to be removed from the system.

   5. Does registration with STEAR guarantee I will be evacuated during an emergency event such as a hurricane?

No, your information will be provided to participating local governments for their use in developing emergency management plans and to assist them in preparedness and response activities. Each local government uses the information in different ways and registering in the system does NOT guarantee that you will receive additional assistance during an event. Contact your local Emergency Management Coordinator to determine their level of participation in this program.

   6. Will I receive confirmation that I have successfully registered?

You will not receive confirmation from the State if you register. If you fill out the form and fax or e-mail it to the contact information on the form and they have questions or cannot read your writing, they may contact you to clarify the information. In addition, a local government representative MAY contact you to confirm that they have the correct information or to clarify information provided.