Storm Surge Kills

Storm surge from hurricanes is deadly. If you live in an area threatened by storm surge, called an EVACUATION ZONE, be prepared to leave when officials call for an evacuation. Ignoring an evacuation order will put your life directly in danger.

Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and continues through November 30.

If you live in a county on the Texas coast and you want to find out whether you live in an evacuation zone, contact your local county or city officials. Learn your evacuation routes and make your evacuation plans now.

Storm surge is a dome of high water that can affect hundreds of miles of coastline. Water weighs 1,700 pounds per cubic yard. That means three cubic yards of surge - crashing into a house again and again - strike with the force of a truck repeatedly smashing into a house.

Storm surge - produced by a combination of high winds and normal to high tides - can rise as high as 20 feet or more. Much of the Texas Gulf Coast is less than 10 feet above mean sea level. Areas along rivers near the coast also may be affected.

As Texans learned during Hurricane Ike in 2008, storm surge as high as 20 feet can be generated even by a Category 2 hurricane. Large areas of Galveston Island were submerged in storm surge.

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