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Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Application Period Open for:

Severe Storms & Flooding (DR-4377)

Wildfires (FMAGs: FM-5233/5234/5235/5237/5258/5264)

Information on Hurricane Harvey HMGP

The HMGP Notice of Intent (NOI) form is the first step in applying for a mitigation grant under HMGP. The NOIs are reviewed as they are received, and TDEM will provide you with a written response. If TDEM's review of your NOI indicates that your jurisdiction and your project are potentially eligible for funding under HMGP, TDEM will provide you with instructions on how to proceed with the full application.

HMGP applications are accepted and reviewed as they are received. TDEM staff will be contacting subapplicants with requests for additional information on an as-needed basis during the application and review period. Project selections will be made shortly following the end of the application period.

Note: Received NOIs and applications are self-reported by the jurisdictions and are not confirmation of review, support or award. This list only confirms that the listed NOIs and applications were received by TDEM and are in the review process.

The HMGP is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and administered by the State of Texas through the Texas Division of Emergency Management. This program is a mitigation grant with a single mission to provide financial assistance to eligible applicants to:

Eligibility Information

Eligible subapplicants include:

Jurisdictions must have a FEMA approved Hazard Mitigation Plan at the time of application. Jurisdictions may request an extraordinary circumstances waiver to this requirement which should be made at the time the jurisdiction submits their notice of intent. Information about the required information for an extraordinary circumstances request can be found in the FY15 Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Guidance and Addendum.

Eligible Activities

Details on eligible mitigation projects for this program can be found in FEMA's FY15 Hazard Mitigation Assistance (HMA) Guidance and Addendum published on February 27, 2015. Some eligible activities for flood and hurricane mitigation include:

Application Process

  1. Submit TDEM HMGP Notice of Intent Form (NOI) to
  2. TDEM Responds to NOI submission and provides HMGP Application Form to projects that pass initial eligibility screening.
  3. Submit HMGP application to
  4. TDEM Reviews application and requests any additional or missing information

Project Selection

  1. Priority given to projects submitted by jurisdictions in counties included in Major Disaster Declaration for those counties declared in the disasters.
  2. Projects reviewed by the State Hazard Mitigation Team.
  3. Projects endorsed by State Hazard Mitigation Team are presented to Governor's Authorized Representative (GAR) for selection.
  4. GAR Selected Projects submitted to FEMA for Funding.
  5. TDEM notifies subapplicants of application disposition.

State Priorities for HMGP Projects

TDEM establishes priorities for utilizing HMGP funding to address the needs identified resulting from the disaster event and to advance the goals and strategies specified in the State of Texas Hazard Mitigation Plan. The underlying principle for prioritizing HMGP projects is to provide the greatest benefit through long-term risk reduction to the greatest number of people.

The state prioritizes HMGP applications for funding received from sub-applicants according to the following criteria:

  1. HMGP eligible jurisdictions within the declared counties for the disaster declaration;
  2. Projects that address the principal hazards associated with the disaster declaration;
  3. Large-scale projects that address flood risk on a regional or watershed basis
  4. Projects that demonstrate greatest community benefit;
    1. Highest Benefit Cost Ratio (BCR)
    2. Verifiable population directly served or benefitting by the project
  5. Projects in jurisdictions that received the most damage for the disaster event based on FEMA PA and IA award amounts.
  6. Eligible jurisdictions outside the counties included in the disaster declaration.

The state priorities for mitigation planning projects:

  1. Multi-jurisdictional plans that include all communities, special districts, and school districts located within their jurisdictional boundaries.
  2. Watershed level mitigation plans involving all jurisdictions sponsored by a river authority and including all jurisdictions within the river authority's jurisdiction.
  3. University mitigation plans developed on the university system level
  4. Single city jurisdiction plans that have a population of 150,000 or above.

Additional criteria for consideration

Additional Information

For Additional Information regarding these HMGP offerings please contact the TDEM Mitigation Section:

HMGP Resources