Wildfire Safety Awareness

Each year wildfires can pose a significant threat for Texas communities. High winds and dry conditions can set the stage for potentially severe fires. In the past 10 years, wildfires burned over 9.3 million acres statewide. No region of the state is immune to wildfires.

Human activity accounts for 90% of all Texas wildfires. Learn more below about how you and your family can help prevent Texas wildfires.

Protect your home

Increase fire protection for your house and safety for your family by following some key guidelines before dry weather and high winds bring the threat of wildfires to your area.

September 17, 2011 --Residents shift through the remains of their home after a fire swept through the area in Bastrop, TX.

Protecting farms and ranches

Farm and ranch families, and citizens living in rural areas, can help protect their property during potentially severe wildfire seasons by taking precautions before fires break out. Fire experts advise keeping grass mowed within 30 feet of your home. Minimize shrubbery near your home and prune lower branches of trees to help prevent surface fires from spreading into tree crowns.

Make sure the areas beneath utility lines are clear of brush, tall grass and trees to reduce the risk of losing utility services. Make sure driveways and roads onto your property are passable in all types of weather, and wide enough to allow access by heavy fire trucks. Other tips include:

Bastrop fire


If advised to evacuate, do so immediately. Choose a route away from the fire hazard and be alert to changes in the speed and direction of fire and smoke.

When weather conditions make wildfires more likely in your area, take the following precautions:

As fires actually approach, take the following actions:

Be ready to “Grab and Go!”

Wildfires can rapidly threaten homes and residential areas. Always be prepared to evacuate at a moment’s notice. Keep a portable emergency supplies kit and “grab and go” box, with copies of important documents and files, somewhere easily accessible. Items should be stored in a durable, sealed box, preferably one that is waterproof and fireproof. If evacuation is necessary make sure to take your kit and “grab and go” box!

Additional Resources

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