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Emergency Supplies Kit

Preparing and maintaining an emergency supply kit is a simple and effective way to sustain you and your family following a disaster. Officials and relief workers cannot immediately reach everyone in the aftermath of a disaster. It may take hours or even days for help to arrive. An emergency supplies kit contains the tools your family needs to survive during that period. Depending on the nature of the disaster, evacuation may be required. Keeping a portable emergency supply kit will assist in a speedy evacuation, ensuring you have everything you need until you return home. Emergency supplies kits are great for at home, at work, or in your vehicle.

What to Include:

A basic emergency supplies kit should include the following items:

Emergency Supply Kit

In addition to building a basic kit, consider including unique items that might apply to you and your family. Examples include:

Storing and Maintaining Your Kit

Storing Supply Kit

When building your kit be sure to identify where and how your emergency supplies will be stored. Kits should be portable in case you need to “grab and go” during a disaster. Storing your items in one or two easy to carry containers will expedite moving your kit during an evacuation. Always keep your kit in a designated area and make sure all family members are aware of its location. Remember to refresh your kit periodically. Even non-perishable foods have a shelf life and eventually require replacement. Also, as your family changes so should your kit. Make sure to update items in your kit to reflect the current needs of your family. Review your emergency supply kit every six months to ensure all items are up to date.

More information on building and maintaining your emergency supplies kit.

Ready to begin building your kit? Download the Emergency Supplies Kit Checklist! Spanish version also available.