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Emergency Tracking Network (ETN)
Advisory Group

ETN is part of a comprehensive data-management system, providing real-time information pertaining to displaced citizens before, during and after a disaster. The ETN Advisory Group was formed to help shape the future of the network and gain input from its users.

Co-Chair: Juan Ortiz
Irish Hancock
Lisette Osborne
Co-Chair: Eric Jones
Steve Harris
Michael Ouimet
TDEM SME: Jeff Newbold
Orlando Hernandez
Ernie Paiz
TDEM Clerk: Manny Magos
Kelby Hill
Frank Patterson
Barbara Adams
Jeff Hoogheem
Marty Penney
Ruben Alonzo
Hank Huffman
Christopher Perkins
Rick Antonisse
Trameka Jewett
Tom Polonis
Doug Bass
Jeffrey Kelly
Bill Ray
Jon Bodie
Jon Law
Steve Rosa
Christopher Boyce
Major Rhonda Lawson
Gisela Ryan-Bunger
Steven Chavez
Carrie Little
Larry Shine
Kyle Coleman
James McCoy
Mark Sloan
Russell Cook
Mike Miller
Lawrence Trevino
Eric Epley
Sam Miller
Lori Upton
David Gonzales
Sid Munlin
Victor Wells
Pat Grimes
Brandon Murray
Bill Wheeler
Randall Gurney