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Local Border Security Grant Program

The Local Border Security Program (LBSP) is funded by Texas General Appropriations Act. The program is a reimbursement grant program for actual costs spent on eligible activities, expended by eligible Local Units of Government. The Texas Legislature has appropriated funds for:

  1. Overtime costs for increased patrol and investigative capacity for certified peace officers along with other law enforcement support personnel (i.e. Communications Officers/Dispatchers, Jailers).
  2. Certain operational costs incurred as part of these overtime patrols and investigations, such as fuel/mileage and additional costs for minor emergency repairs, such as tire repair, fan belt replacement for vehicles or equipment being used in the program operations.

For questions related to this grant please send an email to:  (Include in the Subject line the name of the grant)

2014 LBSP Grant Award (PDF)
2015 LBSP Grant Award (PDF)