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Law Enforcement

Vehicle Inspection Taskforces

Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 382 is also known as the “Clean Air Act.” Section 382.220 addresses DPS’ involvement with local task forces funded by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) with the goal of combatting counterfeiting and fraud as it applies to vehicle registration insignia and VIRs. House Bill 2305 amended Section 382.220 (b)(4) to say taskforce efforts must be coordinated with DPS. Specifically, “develop and implement projects in consultation with the director of the Department of Public Safety for coordinating with local law enforcement officials to reduce the use of counterfeit registration insignia and vehicle inspection reports by providing local law enforcement officials with funds to identify vehicles with counterfeit registration insignia and vehicle inspection reports and to carry out appropriate actions…”

To our local law enforcement partners, DPS is honored to work with you on this very important endeavor.

If you are a lead official for a TCEQ-funded local vehicle inspection task force, you should have been contacted by DPS representatives with additional information about this process. If you have not been contacted, please see the information listed below.


If you have questions or comments about Vehicle Inspection Taskforces, please email