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The Communications Service is under the umbrella of the Public Safety Communications Service (PSCS), in the Law Enforcement Support Division (LESD). Currently, 22 Communications Facilities, approximately 160 Communications Operators, 25 Communications Supervisors and 7 Regional Communications Coordinators make up this service. Communications personnel work closely with the RF Technical Services (radio) personnel to provide DPS the latest, most effective communications, radio and mobile technologies available.

Communications facilities are strategically located throughout the state to provide maximum radio and telecommunications coverage necessary for public safety law enforcement officers in routine activities as well as critical life threatening situations. Other responsibilities include but are not limited to:

These facilities are staffed with communications professionals who pursue excellence and take pride in the responsibilities that they carry. Occasionally there are vacancies in communications positions at those facilities that might interest you. For a listing of those positions, visit our Job Opportunities page.

Communications in Action
Personnel in all levels of our Communications Service are actively involved in many different incidents and activities that happen throughout the State of Texas. Job assignments are numerous and varied.