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Important Acronyms

LESO Law Enforcement Support Office
LEA Law Enforcement Agency
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
AMPS Account Management & Provisioning System (gives you access to RTD)
RTD Reutilization Transfer Donation (screening website)
NAP NESS Application Portal (gives you access to FEPMIS)
FEPMIS Federal Excess Property Management Information System (Inventory control)
CLEO Chief Law Enforcement Official (Chief, Sheriff, President, Constable etc)
CGB Civilian Governing Body (entity that allows your agency to exist and operate (Mayor, County Judge, Dean, City Admin/Mgr)
1348 Receipt for property (used to receive/turn-in property)
DD-200 (FLIPL) Used to remove property from inventory for misc reasons
MRAP Mine Resistant Armor Protected vehicle
UAH Up Armored HMWWV (hummer)