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including Driver License    offices, will be closed
Tuesday, January 16th, 2018. Other offices may be
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Salary Schedule

The Texas Legislature has authorized an expanded enforcement program that includes a 50 hour work week.


(During recruit school training at
DPS Academy)



Probationary Trooper
(Upon being Commissioned)



Trooper I
(After successful completion of a
12 month field training probation period)



Trooper II
(4 years of Service)



Trooper III
(8 years of Service)



Trooper IV
(12 years of Service)



Trooper V
(16 years of Service)



Trooper VI
(20 years of service)



(4 years of Service)



(8 years of Service)



(12 years of Service)



(16 years of Service)



(20 years of Service)



Salary is paid monthly
* Effective September 1, 2015


Troopers may be entitled to an education or peace officer certificate stipend and may be entitled to a bilingual proficiency stipend at the following per month ratios:

Education Stipend
Masters $150.00
Bachelor $100.00
Associate $50.00
Certificate Stipend
Masters $150.00
Advanced $100.00
Intermediate $50.00
Proficiency Stipend
Second Language $50.00
   Trooper Benefits
  • Paid training
  • Competitive salaries are provided by Legislative appropriation
  • Hazardous duty pay for commissioned law enforcement personnel
  • All equipment furnished
  • Uniforms furnished
  • Uniforms cleaning allowance
  • Travel reimbursement
  • Hospitalization insurance provided at no cost for the employee.   Dependent coverage available at low rates.
  • DPS Troopers and employees are covered under the State Employees Retirement System and Worker's Compensation.
  • Social Security benefits are provided aside from the regular retirement plan.
  • Troopers are entitled to holiday and vacation leave in accordance with State Law and Department Policy.