Physical Fitness Requirements

Pre-Employment Physical Examinations
Applicants for the position of trooper will be subject to the following physical examinations:

  1. Physical Readiness Testing.  All applicants will be initially tested in the field.  Those applicants that cannot pass the PRT will not be allowed to continue in the process.  Once accepted to the academy, all new recruits will be tested at the beginning of the recruit school.  Those applicants that cannot pass the PRT will be rejected from attending the academy.  All applicants must complete the Physical Readiness Testing, which consists of:
    1. One and a half (1 ½) mile run.
    2. Push-ups.
    3. Abdominal Crunch.
    4. See your required PRT standard
  2. Physical Examination.  All applicants for employment as a commissioned officer will be required to undergo a physical examination.  Applicants will be directed to a physician designated by the Department, at no cost to the applicant.