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Trooper - Trainee Applicant Process

1.  Apply Online/Forms

Note: See Step (1)
2.  PRT/Written Test
3.  Interview
4.  Polygraph
5.  Applicant Pool
6.  Pre-Background
Investigation PRT
7.  Background Investigation/
Home Interview
8.  Medical/Psychological
9.  Pre-Selection Review Process/PRT
10.  Final Selection for
Trooper Trainee School
Step (1)

Please apply online then download and print the RC-99 Form, RC-4A Form, RC-5 Form, Fair Credit Report Act, Social Media Form. Forms must be completed per the instructions listed on each form to the best of your knowledge and notarized if applicable. Forms will be submitted to your recruiter along with the documents listed below.
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Phase One (1-6)

Year-Round Testing allows applicant to put test score on file in advance for up to a year or test for current application process

Phase Two (7-10)

Top candidates are selected and moved through a secondary screening process for final Trooper Trainee candidate selection. This will occur six months before the Trooper Trainee School starts.