Texas Rangers Cold Case Investigation Details

Patricia L.

Patricia L. Mills
Company: F   Reference Number: 139 - Solved
Race: White
Sex: Female
City: Goliad
County: Goliad
Related Year: 2003

Details: On 06-25-2003, victim, Patricia Mills, was found deceased in her Goliad residence due to a suspicious fire. Her six year old son was able to escape the house fire without injury. Patricia's husband, Delbert Mills, had left the residence for work just prior to the fire starting. Patricia's death resulted from asphyxiation cause by smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide poison. In 2011, the Texas Rangers assisted the Goliad County Sheriff's Office and Constables Office with the re-investigation of the case. During the secondary investigation, Delbert eventually admitted to starting the fire after he argued with Patricia the same morning. In January 2013, Delbert was found guilty of Capital Murder and sentenced to life in prison.

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