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Chapter Five - Records and Reports
   05.05.00 Records and Reports

As in any business, records must be kept, reports made, and supplies ordered. This section discusses the records kept, reports made, and the ordering of supplies, all necessary to the operation of your Official Vehicle Inspection Station. These forms are discussed to assist you in their handling and to facilitate proper and speedy utilization of all required records and reports.

Records that are to be retained by the inspection station shall be kept in a safe place, within the inspection station, and shall be available to authorized representatives of the Department. The station owner or operator shall file such records in a manner as to assure the easy location of specific records when necessary.

Duplicate copies of inspection station reports, rejection receipts, identification certificates, and station requisitions shall be kept of each inspection year at the Official Vehicle Inspection Station for a period of at least one year from date of completion.

All reports, and all other correspondence relative to Vehicle Inspection must be sent to the following address otherwise, this Department will not be responsible for any delay or loss incurred: Vehicle nspection Records, Texas Department of Public Safety, Box 14900, Austin, Texas 78761-4900. All requisitions shall be sent to Texas Department of Public Safety, Box 15999, Austin, Texas 78761-5999.

Storage space should be provided in the inspection station for the proper preservation of inspection records. Every nspection station shall keep the current inspection records available in the immediate area where the inspections are performed. Inspection certificates and identification certificates are not included in these requirements. Inspection certificates and identification certificates must be kept locked to prevent theft, even during normal business hours. It is permissible to keep accumulative records as well as completed records not currently in use, in another location in the inspection station, but those records that are in daily use must be conveniently available for the use of the certified inspector.

Additional inspection station report forms, rejection books, and requisition forms are available from the Department representative supervising your inspection station.

Every person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of operating a repair shop or garage of every kind, within this state, where the repairing, rebuilding, or repainting of automobiles is carried on, or electrical work in connection with the repair of automobiles is done and performed, and every person, firm, or corporation engaged in the business of the purchase and sale of secondhand or used automobiles within this state, shall keep a well bound book in the office or place of business where said work is carried on, or said business conducted, in which shall be kept in a clear and intelligent manner, a register of each repair or change in any automobile of every description so repaired or dealt in by any party mentioned in this law. Repairs of a value not exceeding One Dollar ($1.00) are hereby excepted.

Said register shall contain a substantially complete and accurate description of each car upon which there is performed said repairs, or upon which there is installed any new parts or accessories of any character, and where the said car is bought or sold as a used car, the said register shall particularly show in each of the cases mentioned, the make of the automobile, the number of cylinders, motor number, passenger capacity, model, and also the name, apparent age and sex,  and any special identifying physical characteristics of the party or parties claiming to be the owner or owners of the automobile, or their usual place of address, and the state register number of such automobile. In case of the sale of a used or secondhand car by any dealer or the owner or proprietor of any garage, a like register shall be made as to the name and address and description of said purchaser, the character and description of said car and the state register thereof. Said registers shall be kept in a secure place and be subject at all times to the inspection of any peace officer desiring to examine the same or any party or parties interested in tracing or locating stolen automobiles.

All records required to be kept by the requirements of this article shall be preserved for one year after the date recorded and shall be open to the inspection of the public at all reasonable hours. Whoever shall fail to comply with any provision of this article shall be fined not less than Ten Dollars ($10.00) nor more than One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

         05.01 Signature Card Procedure

Requisitions must be signed by the authorized owner or employee with the signature as it appears on the signature card on file in Austin.

One, two, or three persons may be authorized to sign a requisition and thus order additional inspection certificates for the inspection station. The persons designated by the owner of the inspection station must place their own personal signatures on all cards in one of the three spaces provided. The owner, or person whose signature appears on the application, must endorse the cards on line #1.

No one, regardless of title, can requisition inspection certificates unless their signature is on the signature card on file in Austin.

         05.02 Station Application - VI-2

         05.03 Requisition for Inspection Certificates

The initial order for safety inspection certificates and identification certificates will be supplied by the Department representative when the inspection station is placed in operation.

All subsequent orders for safety inspection certificates must be directed to Vehicle Inspection Records MSC 0542, Texas Department of Public Safety, Box 15999, Austin, Texas 78761-5999.  Identification certificates may also be ordered through Vehicle Inspection Records, or any local DPS office that sells inspection certificates.

Demands for safety inspection certificates and identification certificates should be anticipated enough in advance that requisitions can be filled by mail from Austin before the inspection station’s supply is depleted.

Requisitions must be accompanied by a check, cashier’s check, or money order, made payable to the Texas Department of Public Safety.  Checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders received for inspection certificates without a properly executed requisition form will be returned.

All incomplete or improper requisitions, checks, or money orders will be returned to the inspection stations for correction.  To avoid unnecessary inconvenience or delay, recheck the information very carefully before submitting the requisition.

Requisitions will be filled and delivered to the requesting inspection station in a manner to be determined by the Department.  All information listed on the requisition form must be completed or delay will result.  Check the requisition carefully.  Money total must equal number of books ordered.  No cash can be accepted.  Two copies of the requisition form are necessary.  Submit the original and one copy to Austin, four copies if buying at a local DPS Office.

Safety inspection certificates and identification certificates are not sold, loaned, or transferred to another inspection station or individual or issued at any location other than at the approved inspection station.

Inspection stations are required to have safety inspection certificates and identification certificates on hand at all times during the year.  Inspection stations which fail to keep an ample supply on hand in order to accommodate motorists will not be tolerated.

When a person who has been authorized to order certificates resigns or otherwise leaves your employ, the station owner or operator must advise the Department representative supervising the inspection station.

The following rules must be followed in preparing and submitting the vehicle inspection station report (Form VI-18).

1. Station number must reflect region, class and 5-digit number as stated.

2. Date must have complete month, day and year. (Example: 01 03 98)

3.  Authorized signature: Person who has authorization to purchase the certificates.

4. Inspection station name should reflect the name the station is doing business as (d.b.a.). Print the name, mailing address, city and zip code. Please do not write TX or Texas in the city portion of the form.

5. Place how many books of certificates for each type of certificate sold in spaces provided.

6. Amount of each type of certificate in spaces provided next to how many books.

7. Total all fees collected for certificates.

8. Denote check/money order number in space below fees collected.

9. Begin to print what certificate series were purchased (beginning and ending certificate numbers).

10. Signature of Person Receiving Certificates and their driver license number or ID number.

11. Date sold. See #2.

12. DPS Representative ID is the person issuing the certificates to the inspection station.

13. When printing information on VI-18, please use all CAPITAL LETTERING.

         05.04 Inspection Station Reports

Inspection certificates issued for new calendar year must be reported on a separate weekly report.

The inspection report forms shall be submitted in the original only to the Department on Monday of each week.  Inspection stations issuing both types of certificates will mail reports as required, except report forms will be submitted when trailer and motorcycle inspections have been recorded for the week or a minimum of at least once a month.

Inspection certificate serial numbers will be listed in consecutive numerical order, listing all vehicles inspected as approved or rejected.

When the inspection certificate alphabet prefix or the number sequence changes, skip a line on the inspection station report.  A duplicate copy of such reports shall be made and retained for one year by the inspection station for its records.  This shall include the current and preceding inspection year.

Immediately notify your supervising Vehicle Inspection Department representative if any inspection certificates are lost or stolen.

Lost, stolen, or voided safety inspection certificates must be shown on the inspection station report in their proper numerical order with a notation as to the disposition.  All reports must be neat, legible, and contain the correct information and date for every vehicle inspected.  Every item adjusted, replaced, or repaired must be reported and the correct charges listed.

The certified inspector making the inspection shall be responsible for recording the necessary information, including their signature, in the appropriate column on the inspection station report.

Each inspection station will be accountable for each certificate it receives from the Department.  Each certificate’s serial number must be shown on the inspection station report as issued or returned to the Austin office for credit at the end of the inspection year.

Inspection station reports should be signed by the person responsible for the Official Vehicle Inspection Station.  Failure to submit inspection station reports as required herein shall be grounds for suspension or revocation of station license.  Fraudulent entries that deliberately misrepresent an inspection will be sufficient cause to suspend inspection privileges.

Inspection station reports, rejection books, requisitions, etc., will be supplied by the Department representative supervising the inspection station.

The following rules must be followed in preparing and submitting the Vehicle Inspection Station Report

1. The vehicle inspection report must be submitted each Monday for the period covering the previous week if the vehicle inspection station is classed as public, motorcycle, or trailer. Fleet or governmental vehicle inspection stations will submit the vehicle Inspection Station Report monthly.

2. The report must be made in duplicate. The original reports must be mailed to the Texas Department of Public Safety, Vehicle Inspection Records, PO Box 14900, Austin, Texas 78761-4900; the duplicate must be kept in the inspection station file for a permanent record.

3. If more than one page of report is submitted for one week, all sheets must be headed with inspection station number label, (place label in designated area only) name, etc., and signed by someone at the inspection station. (This signature need not be a certified inspector or inspection station owner or operator.) When printing information on VI-8A, please use all capital lettering.

4. The certified inspector performing the inspection shall be responsible for recording the necessary information including his signature in the appropriate box on the inspection station report. Do not use nicknames. The use of ditto marks is not permitted.

5. The true date of the inspection must be entered in the boxes provided on the report. A new report form must be started January 1 of each year.

6. The license plate number that the vehicle is displaying at the time of the inspection must be entered in the space/boxes provided. If there is no license plate on the vehicle at the time of inspection, the word “NONE” will be entered. Out-of-state license, dealer’s numbers, etc., are permissible.

7. The vehicle identification number taken from the vehicle must be entered in the space/boxes provided. If there is no vehicle identification number, the word “NONE” will be entered. If the number is obscured, “OBS” will be entered.

8. The correct year model and code for the make of the vehicle will be entered in the boxes provided.

9. The correct mileage or odometer reading of the vehicle will be entered in the boxes provided.

10. If the vehicle PASSES ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE INSPECTION, nothing will be written in the boxes provided for checking each item of inspection. Boxes are provided for the inspection certificate number. Use the barcode along with the certificate number provided with each book of certificates. If unavailable, then print the certificate number in the boxes provided. VI-30 (out-of-state vehicle identification certificate serial number) must be entered in the boxes provided. THE STATUTORY FEE WILL BE ENTERED AS THE TOTAL CHARGE.


12. If the vehicle FAILS TO PASS ONE OR MORE OF THE REQUIRED ITEMS OF INSPECTION AND THE VEHICLE OWNER OR OPERATOR ELECTS TO HAVE THE REPAIRS MADE ELSEWHERE, enter the number symbol identifying each item failed in the boxes provided. IN THIS CASE A REJECTION RECEIPT WILL BE ISSUED AND THE TOTAL CHARGE WILL BE THE STATUTORY FEE. Explain the rejection receipt procedure to the vehicle owner or operator. Do not put rejection where certificate number would appear. Leave area blank.

13. If the vehicle described in Rule 12 returns to the same inspection station within fifteen (15) days after the rejection receipt was issued and the vehicle now passes all the requirements, a new line will be entered on the report, the inspection certificate number issued will be shown, leave total charges blank.



16. To void line or certificate, fill in bubble marked “Void.” Do not put “Void” in any of the boxes. Do not draw a line through the boxes. Skip to the next line to begin another entry.

17. Duplicate copies of form VI-8A covering the issuance of annual and motorcycle-trailer inspections will be retained by the vehicle inspection station for its records for a period of one year. Duplicate copies of the report covering the 2 year inspection will be retained for a period of two years.

18. The Texas Vehicle Inspection Act states that it is a violation of the law not to record and report inspections as prescribed by the Department of every inspection made and every inspection certificate issued ( TRC, Section 548.253).

         05.05 Inspection Station Weekly Report - VI-8

         05.06 Rejected Vehicles

In case a vehicle is rejected and the owner fails to have the necessary adjustments made to the vehicle in conformance with the minimum requirements of the Texas Inspection Act, the required inspection fee will be charged and a rejection receipt shall be issued listing items rejected for, and other information required on the receipt.  The rejection receipt must be delivered and explained to the owner or operator of the vehicle.

The owner or operator of a vehicle rejected must make or have made the necessary adjustment or repairs and return to the original inspection station for one reinspection within fifteen (15) days from the date of rejection in order to obtain the one reinspection without charge.  The rejection receipt must be delivered to the inspection station on reinspection.  The vehicle owner or operator shall have the right to remove the vehicle to such place for correction upon paying the inspection fee and has the exclusive right to determine by whom any repairs will be made.  The customer should be informed of all defects necessary to put the vehicle in passing condition.

The rejection receipt form must be neat and legible.  It must list the reasons why the vehicle was rejected.  A copy of the rejection receipt must be kept by the station as a part of the inspection station records and subject to examination at any time by an autho-rized agent of the Department.  Rejection receipts must be issued by the certified inspector for a vehicle presented for inspection that does not pass the inspection requirements.  Rejection receipts are an official part of the inspection program.

All rejection receipts must be completely filled in.  Give original to the customer and keep the copy with the inspection station records.

Any inspection station which, for any reason, cannot reinspect a vehicle to which that inspection station has issued a rejection receipt shall return the inspection fee. No vehicle will be rejected on any items not covered by TRC, Section 548.051.

The one reinspection must be made within 15 days of the date of the initial inspection excluding the date of the rejection.

A reinspection of a rejected vehicle by the same inspection station shall include a check of the items previously found defective unless any other obvious defects are noted. When a vehicle is repaired and returned for the one reinspection within 15 days, no additional inspection fee may be charged.

If the rejected vehicle is returned for reinspection to the original inspection station after the 15 days have elapsed from the date of rejection (excluding the date of rejection) or if the vehicle is presented to a different inspection station for reinspection, the vehicle will be handled as if it were being inspected for the first time and the inspection fee may be charged.

NOTE:  A rejection receipt issued to a vehicle which does not have a valid current inspection certificate shall not entitle such vehicle to legally operate on a public street or highway.

         05.07 Instructions for Out-of-State Identification Certificate - VI-30

The Department shall furnish to all inspection stations serially numbered identification certificates for the purpose of verifying the vehicle identification number on vehicles coming into Texas from another state or country.

1. This certificate will be completed by the certified inspector making the inspection of out-of-state registered vehicles presented for inspection for the purpose of registering and titling the vehicle in Texas and may charge a $1.00 fee.

2. The certificate will not be issued unless the vehicle passes the Texas safety inspection and an official Texas inspection certificate issued to the vehicle.

3. The complete vehicle identification number must be recorded on the identification certificate exactly as it appears on the vehicle.  The number will not be taken from any title, old inspection certificate, or any other document.  If the vehicle identification number is missing, obscured, or mutilated, the identification certificate will be completed, showing NONE, OBSCURED, or MUTILATED in the blanks provided for the vehicle identification number.

4. If any error is made while recording any of the information required on the identification certificate, VOID the form and fill out another certificate with the correct information.  Keep all copies of all voided forms.

5. The number appearing on the odometer of the motor vehicle at the time of the inspection, if the motor vehicle has an odometer, should be recorded on the identification certificate in the space provided under the inspection certificate number.

6. The original of the identification certificate will be presented to the driver of the vehicle for their use in registering and titling the vehicle.  The copy of the identification certificate will be retained by the inspection station.

7. If the vehicle already bears a valid Texas inspection certificate issued within the last 30 days, no additional inspection is required unless an item of inspection is obviously defective.  The identification certificate number shall be recorded in parentheses in the portion normally used to record “R’s” on a state inspection and a $1.00 fee will be recorded  in the “Total Charges” column.

8. The identification certificates shall be safeguarded in the same manner required to safeguard safety inspection certificates.

9. The identification certificate number shall be recorded on the Vehicle Inspection Station Report VI-8 in spaces where repairs are normally noted.  The number shall be placed in parentheses (   )  in any portion not used to record “R’s” for that particular vehicle.

10. The identification certificate will be completed in ink by the certified inspector.  The certified inspector will not sign the identification certificate until all blanks have been completed.  Make sure that your carbon copy of this form is legible.  These forms will be obtained from the Vehicle Inspection Department representative at no cost.

11. Failure to comply with the rules governing the issuance and safeguarding of out-of-state identification certificates as required by law and Department of Public Safety Rules, can result in enforcement or suspension action against the certified inspector and/or station.

         05.08 Waiver Affidavit - VIE-12