TOPS Update 5/3/2017

The Texas Online Private Security (TOPS) licensing system continues to evolve, increase functionality and streamline tasks to create efficiencies for both companies and individual applicants. We continue to enrich TOPS functionality and more features are coming very soon.

Features to improve application processing time and status detail after logging into your TOPS profile:

   TOPS Update 3/29/2017

New Layout and Features!

  • New Layout: Sections are displayed in separate tabs. This makes the information easier to navigate and improves system responsiveness. If you select a tab that has no data, don't worry; this simply means that this tab does not pertain to your particular profile.
  • New Features:

    Application Checklist - After an application has been submitted and the fee has been paid, applicants will be able to navigate to the My Applications tab and select Checklist. The checklist contains the complete list of required items for this application along with the status of each item. The Checklist is created by TOPS as soon as payment is received for the application. This is real-time customized information which will be updated as requirements are met. Applicants will know exactly which documents need to be submitted for this particular application and should only submit those items listed.

   TOPS login change 2/27/2017

Accounts will now use email address and a user created password for login.  There will be an activation email sent as part of the account setup.  Once you click on the link to activate the account, you may login from any device without having to re-activate. The user will choose and answer security questions to enable password reset functionality and continue to ensure your information is secure.

Password requirements are 12-20 characters in length and must contain at least 2 upper case, 2 lower case, 2 numbers and 2 special characters.

The captcha function will be activated after multiple incorrect login attempts.

Existing users will need to create an account on their first interaction with TOPS after the release on the 27th.  New applicants will be able to complete and pay for an application, then will be directed to create an account once DPS receives the completed and paid application. User guides will be located on the Application Instructions page before 2/27/17.

   Program Information 8/29/2016

The Private Security Program has transitioned to a new online application process and a new licensing database called Texas Online Private Security System (TOPS). TOPS is more user-friendly, provides faster application processing, allows communication by email, and includes real time licensing and registration information. TOPS has allowed for the following program changes:

Emails – All correspondence will be sent via email. Visit TOPS to provide your email address

Company Affiliations – Individuals may submit and make payment for an application for registration without being affiliated with a company. The pocket card will not be mailed until the applicant is affiliated with a company.

Pocket Cards – All pocket cards will be mailed to individual registrants. Please ensure the mailing address is current by visiting TOPS

Synchronized Expiration Dates –An individual will have one expiration date for each of the following registration/license types:

  • All their Unarmed registrations
  • All their Owner/Manager registrations
  • All their Instructors licenses
  • All their Commission and Personal Protection Officers registrations

Background Check Required – Background checks are now required on renewal applications as well as all armed (commissioned) applications regardless current or previous registrations held. There is a $25 FBI background check fee for this. If the applicant receives an email stating, "Background Required", no action on the part of the applicant is required, as the crime records department is attempting to use fingerprints on file whenever possible. If there are no fingerprints on file or the fingerprints are of poor quality, the applicant will receive a second email stating, "Fingerprints required". In those rare cases, the applicant will need to submit fingerprints. Please see fingerprint instructions for more information.

Payments – Electronic Checks will only be accepted from licensed companies. All individual applicants must pay by credit/debit card.