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Private Business Letter of Authority

A Letter of Authority is a license issued by the Private Security Program that allows the security department of a private business to register security and personal protection officers.

A security department of a private business must obtain a Letter of Authority to:

  1. Employ commissioned security officers;
  2. Employ personal protection officers; or
  3. Employ non-commissioned security officers that, if in the course of their employment, meet ALL of the following conditions as provided in Section 1702.323(d):
    1. come into contact with the public; AND
    2. wear a uniform or badge commonly associated with security or law enforcement, or a patch with wording that is likely to create the impression that they are security officers; AND
    3. perform the duties of a security guard, private watchman, guard, or street patrol service to:
      1. prevent entry, larceny, vandalism, abuse, fire, or trespass on private property;
      2. prevent, observe, or detect unauthorized activity on private property;
      3. control, regulate, or direct the movement of the public, whether by vehicle or otherwise, only to the extent and for the time directly and specifically required to ensure the protection of property;
      4. protect an individual from bodily harm including through the use of a personal protection officer; or
      5. perform a function similar to a function described above.

Please note: A Letter of Authority does not authorize the licensee to offer or provide services to any person, third party or entity as an Investigations Company, Guard Company, Alarm Systems Company, Courier Company, Locksmith Company, Electronic Access Control Device Company, and/or Guard Dog Company required to be licensed under Chapter 1702, Texas Occupations Code.

For online licensing information, please visit Application Instructions