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Information for Texas Peace Officers

provided by the Private Security Program

House Bill 957 by Uher explains the authorities and restrictions that apply to reserve peace officers in the State of Texas.

House Bill 2617, amending the Private Security Act, Article 4413(29bb) V.A.C.S. now includes an "extra job coordinator" in the exception for full-time employed peace officers in Section 3(a)(3).

Guidelines for Working an "Extra Job" Within the Law

Section 3(a)(3) of Article 4413(29bb) V.A.C.S. or 1702.322 of the Occupations Code, as amended by the 76th Legislature, provides an exception to the statute that allows a Texas peace officer to provide guard, patrol, watchman, or extra job coordinator services without having to first obtain a guard company license from the Private Security Bureau.

There are certain conditions that must be met and followed exactly. If these conditions are not met, the exception, and the ability to work the extra job within the law, is lost.

These conditions are:

Remember that the exception in Section 3(a)(3) or 1702.322 of the Occupations Code, as amended by the 76th Legislature, does NOT allow a peace officer to provide investigations, alarm, guard dog or any other service required to be licensed under Article 4413(29bb) V.A.C.S. or Chapter 1702 of the Occupations Code, unless the peace officer is properly licensed or registered.

It should also be noted that Section 3(a)(2) of Article 4413(29bb) V.A.C.S. says that peace officers who are in the performance of their official duties are not required to be licensed by the Private Security Bureau to perform services that meet the definition of a "company" that would need to be licensed.