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ATV Operator Education and Certification Program

Requirements for ATV RiderCourse Instructor Texas Approval

General. All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) RiderCourse instructors desiring approval to teach the ATV RiderCourse in Texas must meet the requirements set out in the Department of Public Safety’s Administrative Rules, Chapter 33, relating to the ATV Operator Education and Certification Program. These rules provide the Department of Public Safety, the designating administering agency, the written guidance for administering the state law (Texas Transportation Code, Section 663) governing ATV operation on public lands.

Before an individual can teach the Department-approved ATV RiderCourse in Texas, they must:

Reasons for Denial, Suspension, of Cancellation of Approval. The Department may deny, suspend or cancel its approval for an instructor to teach ATV RiderCourses if the instructor:

The Department will not consider convictions for other than a felony if more than five years has elapsed since the date of conviction or release of the person from confinement or supervision for that conviction, whichever is the later date.