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who we’ve lost throughout history, dating back to 1823

The Texas Department of Public Safety is grateful to the Metcalf Family for their commitment to honoring DPS officers who have given their lives in the service to the State of Texas.

In 1991, Trooper Carlos Warren stopped Richard Metcalf for speeding. Mr. Metcalf was impressed with the way the trooper handled the traffic stop. Several weeks later, Trooper Warren was shot to death while interrupting a kidnapping. Mr. Metcalf decided to honor Trooper Warren with a memorial stone at the place where he was killed.

Mr. Metcalf then decided to place memorials—at his own expense—to honor each of the DPS officers who have died in the line of duty. However, he passed away after a lengthy illness and his goal was not realized.

Mr. Metcalf’s brother, Don, was touched by his brother’s determination to honor all DPS troopers and took up his brother’s cause. As of July 2012, each of the 86 DPS troopers killed in the line of duty has been honored with a stone marker.

The Metcalfs will forever hold a special place in the hearts of the entire DPS family.

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