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Due to the anticipated inclement weather,
all DPS offices in the Austin area closed today.
We will be open regular business hours Monday December 11th.

                 Sunset Announcement

TxDPS Forms

Forms List

 Form Title  Form  Number
Affidavit Relating to Mandatory Liability Insurance Exemption- Antique Vehicles Under Section 601.052(1) SR-2.pdf
Release - Regular SR-11.pdf
Judgment Liability Affidavit SR-13C.pdf
Application for Return or Security Deposited Under Safety Responsibility Act SR-14.doc
Application for Return of Security SR-14A.pdf
Installment Agreement SR-19.pdf
Affidavit - Purchase Car Unaware of Suspension SR-39.pdf
Transcript of Civil Proceedings SR-42.pdf
Application for Disposition of Security on Deposit Under Safety Responsibility Act SR-45.pdf
Notice of Default on Court Approved Installment Agreement SR-46.pdf
Affidavit of No Suit Filed Within Two Years SR-60.pdf
Application for Payment of Judgment Out of Security SR-61.pdf
Notice of Unsatisfied Judgment SR-62.pdf
Notice of Default on Installment Agreement SR-73.pdf
Judgment Creditors Consent to Allow License & Registration SR-84.pdf
Revocation of Judgment Creditors Consent to Allow SR-85.pdf
Certification of No Execution on Dormant Judgment SR-88.pdf
Dollar Information Letter SR-106.pdf