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TxDPS Forms

Form By Number


 Form Title  Form  Number
Background Investigation Questionnaire RC-4A.pdf
Self Evaluation Questionnaire RC-5.docx
Waiver for Trooper Training RC-99.pdf
Vehicle Inspection Task Force Monthly Summary RSD-2.pdf
Salvage/MRE Inspection Report RSD-5.pdf
Instructions for Salvage/MRE Report RSD-5A.pdf
Metal Recycling Transaction Statement of Ownership RSD-6.pdf
Agency Verification Form RSD-18.pdf
Notice of Hold to Metal Recycling Entity RSD-20.pdf
Notice of Release of Metal Recycling Entity RSD-20A.pdf
Guard/Personal Protection Office Inspection RSD-21.pdf
Investigator Information Request RSD-24.pdf
Private Security Compliance Monitoring RSD-26.pdf
Application for Disabling/Re-Enabling Metals Registration RSD-27.pdf
Investigation Briefing Report RSD-28.pdf
Initial Record(s) Request RSD-29.pdf
Report of Theft, Loss or Surrender of Controlled Substances RSD-32.pdf
Task Force Briefing Report RSD-41.pdf
Doctor/Patient Request of Information RSD-43.pdf
Application for Cash Transaction Card RSD-44.pdf
Texas Metals Program Administrative Process Suggestion Form RSD-45.pdf
MRE Inspection Form RSD-46.pdf
Instructions for Completing the MRE Inspection Report RSD-46A.pdf
Metals Recycling Entity Affidavit of Knowledge and Understanding RSD-47.pdf
Compassionate Use Program Administrative Process Suggestion Form RSD-50.pdf
Vehicle Inspection Operations & Training Manual - Safety RSD-87.pdf
Vehicle Inspection Operations & Training Manual - Emissions RSD-87A.pdf