State Administrative Agency

Business Operations

The Business Operations Section processes reimbursements to jurisdictions for all Homeland Security Grant programs. Once a jurisdiction submits a payment request, that request is assigned to grant technicians who review the payment request documents and verify it in the State Preparedness Assessment Reporting System, (SPARS).  After this verification, the request is taken to accounting for processing.  It can take accounting up to 10 days to issue a payment to the jurisdictions.

There are two steps to submitting a payment request.  First the jurisdiction must enter the reimbursement request in SPARS.  Then they must fax, e-mail or mail in all the payment back-up documentation to the State Administrative Agency, (SAA).  This includes submitting a signed local purchase submission coversheet generated by SPARS.  If both of these steps are not completed payment requests can not be processed by the SAA.  During this process additional information may be requested; if so, then it is very important for the jurisdiction to respond in a timely manner otherwise payment will be delayed or denied.