2013 Homeland Security Grant Information

FY 2013 Homeland Security Grant Program
(HSGP) Timeline
(Updated as of: 8/2/13)
MAY 01 2013 Eligibility Instructions sent out by THSSAA
MAY 03 2013 Deadline to Request Approval for Projects Not Aligned with 2013 IJs
MAY 03 2013 Due Date for COG to Submit Risk Methodologies
MAY 21 2013 Date 2013 FEMA Grant Guidance Released
MAY 24 2013 Deadline for COGs to Submit 2013 SHSP Projects in Application Database
JUN 28 2013 Deadline for Applicants to Submit Eligibility Certification Forms to SAA@dps.texas.gov
JUL 15-22 2013 THSSAA Notified Regions of 2013 Approved Projects.
AUG 01 2013 Deadline to Reach 90% Completeness for Criminal History Reporting
AUG 02 2013 Target Date* for the THSSAA to have Eligibility Certification Forms fully processed and recorded in SPARS.
*Note: Jurisdictions with pending eligibility issues may still be under review. See 2013 Eligibility Status Report by COG (sent via email) for status by jurisdiction
AUG 05 2013 Regions and UASIs start to enter projects in SPARS.
AUG 19 2013 Deadline for Regions and UASIs to have all projects completely entered in SPARS.
AUG 30 2013 Target Date* for the THSSAA to have all projects approved in SPARS.
*Note: The THSSAA may delay final approval step (generation of SRA) until federal award is received.
(Anticipating SEP 13 2013)
State receives 2013 HSGP award* from DHS.
* Note: This is an estimate and all dates listed after this will be dependent upon when the THSSAA receives the federal award. FEMA previously indicated the performance period start date would be October 1, 2013.
TBD Deadline for THSSAA to issue sub-recipient agreements. (45 days from DHS award).
TBD Deadline for signed sub-recipient agreements to be returned to THSSAA.
(45 days from THSSAA award).
TBD Deadline for sub-recipient to enter Project Milestones for 2013 Projects.
FEB 28 2014 Deadline for sub-recipient to submit 2013 project EHP Screening Forms to the THSSAA.
JAN 30 2015
Local = 16 mos.
COGs = 20 mos.
UASIs = 21 mos.
Anticipated Local Sub-recipient Performance Period End Date*.
*Notes: Project Complete and All invoices have been entered into SPARS.
COGs would have Performance Period end date of May 31, 2015, and UASI Core Cities would have a Performance Period end date of June 30, 2015.