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News Release

March 9, 2018

DPS Warns Texas Drivers of Private Non-Governmental Websites

AUSTIN – The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is reminding Texans that there are only two official websites for conducting Texas driver license/identification card/driver record transactions: and To prevent fraudulent use of your personal information and to avoid paying unnecessary fees, only conduct transactions on these two websites.

While many unofficial websites actually include a disclaimer that they are not in fact an official government website, these private non-governmental sites can still be extremely deceptive to customers and provide inaccurate information and charge unnecessary fees. 

Customers seeking to conduct online driver license/identification (ID) card/driver record transactions are advised to type or directly into the URL address line to ensure they are visiting an official website (using a search engine can easily lead customers to a private non-governmental website).

The following fees listed at are the only fees a customer should be charged; any other fee amount would be an indication of an unauthorized website:

If a customer believes they have encountered a fraudulent website, they should contact the Texas Attorney General's Consumer Protection Division at 1-800-621-0508.

### (HQ 2018-023)