Flood Safety Awareness: Safe Driving Public Service Announcements

You can save lives by using, and encouraging media to use, these PSAs.

Flooding At Night Is A Killer: 20 Seconds
Flash floods can be killers - and it's even worse at night. When you see water across a road - Turn Around, Don't Drown. When driving in the dark - you can't tell how deep flood waters may be. Waters can rise very rapidly. There's only one rule for saving your car - and your life - when you see water on the road: Turn Around, Don't Drown.

Turn Around, Don't Drown: 20 Seconds
More texans die in floods than any other weather disaster. The majority of flood deaths could have been prevented. When you see water on the road - turn around and choose a different route. Water across a road may hide a washed out bridge - or a missing section of road. Protect yourself and your family. Turn Around, Don't Drown.

Floating Your Vehicle: 25 Seconds
Are you willing to bet your car - and your life - that you can beat a flash flood? Two feet of rushing water will carry off pick-up trucks, SUVs and most other vehicles. Only six inches of water can cause tires to lose traction - and begin to slide. When streets or underpasses are flooded, save your life, protect your family: Turn Around, Don't Drown.