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Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2017 Vol. 64 No. 7

Message From The Chief

Happy 4th of July, Texans! What a wonderful thing it is to celebrate the independence of our nation in its greatest state. How do you plan to enjoy the holiday? Hopefully you'll be spending the day with family, friends, and great food. I can smell the brisket already! If you're grilling this holiday, keep in mind these grilling safety tips!

If you're planning to include fireworks in your 4th of July festivities, please be aware of the fire danger and burn bans in your area! The risk of igniting wildfires is always a concern in Texas, even if it has rained recently. Lastly, be sure to keep yourself, your family, and your pets safe around fireworks.

Tropical Storm Cindy

The Texas State Operations Center (SOC) activated at noon on Wednesday, June 21, in anticipation of the season's first major storm system, Tropical Storm Cindy. Prior to making landfall at 7am on Thursday, June 24, personnel from agencies such as the Texas Highway Patrol, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the American Red Cross coordinated communications and National Weather Service reports to maintain awareness of the storm's development and impending risk. Although expected to mostly affect the coasts of Louisiana and Alabama, state and local emergency managers and first responders prepared for increased rainfall and the potential for life threatening floods.

Tropical Storm Cindy, followed closely by the formation of the quickly weakened Tropical Storm Bret, marks the first time since 2000 that storms formed so far south into the Atlantic have emerged so early in June. While Tropical Storm Cindy's risk stemmed largely from flash floods and rainfall, the storm served as a reminder that it is never too early to prepare for the worst. As hurricane season continues, remember to make a plan with your family.

Hurricane Charlie Exercise

Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) hosted a weeklong full-scale exercise in June. The exercise simulated a category four hurricane making landfall along the Texas coast. Volunteers acted as evacuees and were sheltered overnight. Several organizational partners, local jurisdictions and media joined in the event, contributing to the betterment of emergency preparedness and response across the state.

Parks and Recreation Month

July celebrates Parks and Recreation Month! Luckily, July is also National Picnic Month. When's the last time you went on a picnic? This month, take some time to visit a Texas State Park and bring along your favorite foods – just remember not to leave any leftovers for the wildlife!

Please, join me in thanking our partners at Texas Parks and Wildlife for all of their contributions to the state of Texas and emergency management!

Other days to remember in July:

July 4 – National Country Music Day (You know I love it!)
July 12 – Pecan Pie Day
July 21-22 – 1909 Velasco hurricane anniversary

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