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Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2017 Vol. 64 No. 6

Message From The Chief

Woohoo! Now was that a great conference, or was that a great conference?! I think that was a great conference! It was amazing to see so many people from the emergency management community join us in San Antonio for the 2017 Texas Emergency Management Conference (TEMC).

Since our last TEMC, Texas has experienced two major disaster declarations, and their compounding effects across the state have emphasized the importance of collaboration. The TEMC is an opportunity for emergency managers, first responders, non-profit organizations and private industry to unite, exchange best practices, and build upon ideas from which progress is made.

Since I have been with the Texas Division of Emergency Management, I have sought to recognize the great work happening across the state. This year, I had the chance to do so during the opening session as we recognized an array of experts in and contributors to emergency management. Although those in our field are prepared for anything, having secretly chosen the awardees, there were many surprised faces out there when names were called. I look forward to continuing to recognize those within our emergency management community, as all of you excel at preventing, protecting, responding, recovering and mitigating for disasters. I can truly say we have set the bar high, as we are ready for anything that comes our way! Please join me in ensuring these efforts are commended in the future conferences, and take the time to congratulate our inaugural award winners!

New Announcement!

Texas Emergency Management Photo Contest
This year, we asked you to share your challenges and triumphs of the past year for our first ever photo contest. A total of 29 photos were selected for voting and placed on display in the exhibit hall at the DPS museum. Ballots were collected during the conference in the exhibit hall. I must say, this was a lot tougher than it seemed!

Award winner: Stephanie Newsom, Fulton Volunteer Fire Department

See all contest photos here!

Texas Emergency Management Council Agency of the Year
This award recognizes the outstanding support provided by an agency to the communities of this state during disasters. This includes providing public awareness to the community and actively participating in local and statewide exercises.

Award winner: Texas Military Department

Texas Emergency Management Hometown Hero Award
This award recognizes an individual or a group that has exhibited extraordinary service and leadership in helping their fellow residents at the scene of an emergency, disaster or crisis.

Award winner: Courtney Goss - Former state of Texas Voluntary Agency Liaison

Texas Hall of Fame Inductees: Billy Ted Smith, Joe Candelario, 
                Gary Woppert, Walt Kelley, Dale Little. Not Pictured: Billy Zwerschke

Texas Hall of Fame Inductees: Billy Ted Smith, Joe Candelario, Gary Woppert, Walt Kelley, Dale Little. Not Pictured: Billy Zwerschke

Texas Emergency Management Hall of Fame
This award recognizes outstanding contributions and achievements in the field of emergency management field. Contributions include projects, activities or programs that significantly impact a community or the entire state.

Award winner:
Dale Little - Midland County Fire Marshall/Emergency Management Coordinator
Joe Candelario - Vice President, Centurion Solutions
Gary Woppert - Retired, Emergency Management and Safety Officer, City of Live Oak
Billy Ted Smith - Emergency Management Coordinator, Jasper/Newton/Sabine counties
Walt Kelley - Retired, Emergency Administration Manager, City of Amarillo
Butch Davis - Emergency Management Coordinator, Walker County
Billy Zwerschke - Retired, President of the International Association of Emergency Managers

Texas Emergency Management Partnership Recognition Award
This award recognizes a business, nonprofit, school, hospital or government agency for contributions made to their local community and for demonstrating a significant commitment to creating a strong partnership with local government officials through participation in local community preparedness initiatives.

Award winner: H.E.B.

Texas Emergency Management Leadership Award Winners: Eric Epley, Dave Coatney, Tony Robinson

Texas Emergency Management Leadership Award Winners: Eric Epley, Dave Coatney, Tony Robinson

Texas Emergency Management Leadership Award
This award recognizes Texans in the field of emergency management for outstanding achievement, demonstrating a positive and dramatic change in emergency management departments and/or the community.

Award winner:
David Coatney - Fire Chief, Dallas Fire-Rescue
Eric Epley - Executive Director, Southwest Texas Regional Advisory Council (STRAC)
Tony Robinson - Regional Administrator for the Department of Homeland Security, FEMA Region 6

Texas Emergency Management Medical Professional of the Year Award
This award recognizes medical professionals and their contributions to emergency management. Contributions can range from responding to an incident, providing healthcare or other preparedness activities in instruction or disaster planning.

Award winner: Dr. Charles Bauer - Director, Center for Public Health Preparedness and Biomedical Research, UT Health Science Center San Antonio

Texas Emergency Management Spouse of the Year Award
This award recognizes someone who not only contributes to emergency management by supporting their spouse, but also makes their own contributions to emergency management.

Award winner: Dr. Emily Kidd - Texas Medical Director, Acadian Ambulance Service

Special events to remember in June:

Pet Preparedness Month
Extreme Heat Month
National CPR/AED Awareness Week – June 1-7
Flag Day – June 14
Father’s Day – June 15
Insurance Awareness Day – June 28

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