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Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2017 Vol. 64 No. 3

Message From The Chief

Severe Weather Awareness Month

Two more weeks of winter? What was Punxsutawney Phil thinking?! He must never have visited the great state of Texas and experienced our crazy weather! I propose we institute a Texas wildlife weather predictor. Maybe…

                  Amarillo Arnie                                or...                              Longview Larry!

Yes, that's better!

While Texas has been largely missed by extreme winter weather this season we have seen quite a bit of severe weather across the state. Heavy rains and several tornados have already impacted several of our communities. March is National Severe Weather Preparedness Month which means …. ? Um, it's time to get prepared…

  • Build an emergency kit
  • Make a plan
  • Be alert to changing weather conditions
  • Monitor local media and your NOAA Weather Radio
  • Know the difference between watches and warnings

Here's some helpful links about tornado safety.
National Weather Service
American Red Cross – Tornados

American Red Cross Month
March is also American Red Cross Month! I'd like to take a minute to thank our partners at the American Red Cross for all they do for our Texas communities. You do incredible work and we appreciate all you do.

Learn more about becoming an American Red Cross volunteer or take a class.

Super Bowl
In February Houston hosted one of the biggest events of the year, Super Bowl LI! (No, I do not have Tom Brady's jersey.) The NRG Center was buzzing with activity as was the State Operations Center (SOC). While Houston and Harris County bore the brunt of the coordination, resources and personnel across the state worked together to help ensure a safe event. Thank you to everyone who worked so hard, gave up your Super Bowl party, and made Texas look good!

Change Your Batteries
The firefighter in me would be remiss if I didn't remind you that March 12 is the beginning of daylight savings time. So don't forget: Change your clocks, change your batteries! Make sure your home smoke detectors are working properly by changing the batteries twice a year.

2017 Texas Emergency Management Conference
Don't forget to register for the 2017 Texas Emergency Management Conference. Workshops are now posted so make sure to check out your favorite classes and instructors. We're looking forward to seeing you all there in May!

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