Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2016 Vol. 63 No. 2

Message From The Chief

Although Texas is famous for its hot and sunny weather, no other state has experienced more deadly and costly severe weather events. With Decemberís "Goliath" blizzard and the deadly Christmastime tornadoes, you donít have to look back very far to be reminded that severe weather can happen anywhere and at any time. Severe weather can take any of us by surprise in its size, its scope, and its intensity. No person or place in Texas is immune to the effects of devastating severe weather.

Last year alone, millions of Texans endured historic severe weather events. Following an unprecedented and lengthy drought along with the worst wildfire season ever witnessed, severe weather events caused widespread destruction, loss of life and led to over 100 Texas counties being designated major disaster areas.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management along with the National Weather Service, local officials and emergency managers across the state join together each year in a public awareness campaign to encourage all Texans to prepare for severe weather events.

This year Severe Weather Awareness Week in Texas is March 6-12, 2016. Most long-time Texans are aware that severe weather events can happen anywhere and at any time in the state, but, tragically, too many people are still unprepared when severe weather threatens.

This year, be one to set an example for severe weather readiness, and pledge:

  • To learn how to recognize the signs of severe weather and the risks in your area
  • To have the resources for severe weather notification, even during power outages
  • To build emergency supply kits for your home and auto
  • To obey road barriers and highway warnings during flash flood events
  • To spread the word about the dangers of severe weather and how to be prepared for them

Severe Weather Awareness Week materials are available on our website for you to use to help get the message out in your community. Severe weather can happen to you!

Chief W. Nim Kidd, CEMģ TEM
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