Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2014 Vol. 61 No. 8
Texas Conservation Corps

TxCC is a federally-designated 21st Century Conservation Service Corps program as well as a member of the Corps Network, the Mountain Alliance of Conservation Corps, and an AmeriCorps grantee of the OneStar Foundation, Texas’ State Service Commission.  In 2013-14, TxCC’s 20-member Emergency Response Team, funded by OneStar, played a critical role in 6 major disaster deployments across Texas and the nation, including Hurricane Sandy (NY/NJ) , West Fertilizer Plant Explosion (TX), Oklahoma Tornadoes (OK), Eagle Pass Flooding (TX), Alaska’s Yukon River Flooding (AK), and Central Texas Halloween Floods (TX).

By combining emergency response with natural resource conservation, TxCC Emergency Response Team members are able to address environmental and community problems and implement real time solutions.

TxCC has partnered with agencies such as FEMA, Texas and US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife, Texas Parks and Wildlife, and the Texas Division of Emergency Management. Members serve 11 months and receive training in Incident Command System, Wilderness First Aid, Volunteer and Donations Management, and Leave No Trace among other conservation and disaster functions. As a response resource for the state of Texas, they are available within 24 hours and each team can deploy for up to 2 months at a time.

Reception Center

“They have been an invaluable resource for the State of Texas”, according to Anna Tangredi, State Voluntary Agency Liaison.  They deployed to West within 24 hours and had a Volunteer Reception Center and Donation Management Program up and running within days of arrival.  They deployed to their local community, Travis County, due to the Halloween floods of 2013.

They are a resource to local jurisdictions as well, for not only disaster work, but any conservation work in your community.

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