Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2014 Vol. 61 No. 6

Message From The Chief

Planning for recovery also helps ensure that federal grant funding for public infrastructure and charitable contributions for survivor assistance flow seamlessly where needed in the aftermath of a disaster.

Hurricane season officially begins June 1 and continues through November 30. Start planning now to protect your families and property.

Thousands of individuals in local, state and federal agencies, as well as voluntary organizations and the private sector, are deeply committed to keeping Texans safe when tropical storms threaten our coastal areas. But we need the public’s help as well.

It is critical for residents to take time to develop a family disaster plan, to review emergency preparations and checklists regularly, to build disaster supply kits in waterproof, easy-to-carry containers, and to stay aware of current weather situations by monitoring NOAA weather radio and local broadcasts.

For these reasons, the National Weather Service and the Division of Emergency Management of the Texas Department of Public Safety, and other key partners, urge residents to prepare now.

Take the time now to learn as much as possible about how to prepare for our most dangerous storms. I hope you will continue your dedicated support of this key initiative.

Finally, keep in mind that much of Texas continues to suffer through debilitating drought conditions. While the situation for most is better today than it was in 2011, we must still be aware that water is a valuable resource. What water we have available in many regions of the state is critically low, and the outlook on increasing our reservoir levels over the next several months is not good. Many communities across Texas are experiencing critical water shortages.

The 2013 Legislature made sweeping changes to how Texas administers it water projects. Voters approved Proposition 6, making it possible to finance projects on the State Water Plan. In the coming months, Texas will be looking at innovative ways to conserve, reuse, find, and distribute water for it growing population and burgeoning economy.

Chief W. Nim Kidd, CEM®

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