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Best Storm Tracker Apps for Smartphone

Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane Tracker (iOS)
EZ Apps' Hurricane Tracker offers detailed storm maps, National Hurricane Center info, threat level maps, audio/video forecast updates, real-time feeds and push alerts. It also employs interface, giving you four simple categories at launch — hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions and invests. There are over 65 maps (including animated) and images crammed into this app.

Hurricane Hound

Hurricane Hound (Android)
Hurricane Hound uses Google Maps as its framework and tracks both forecasts and the locations of Atlantic and East Pacific hurricanes and tropical storms, points out areas the National Weather Service is keeping tabs on and offers standard NWS "tropical outlooks and discussions, public advisories, forecasts, and satellite imagery."


Hurricane / Hurricane HD (iOS)
Developer Kitty Code's Hurricane HD app offers a repository of global meteorological information, including tracking maps, satellite views, five-day forecasts, radar and bulletins from the National Hurricane Center. Pull up Hurricane Isaac and you can see information about wind speed, storm speed and direction as well as follow it from its genesis off the west coast of Africa in mid-August through its current position several hundred miles southeast of the Mississippi River Delta. Probably the app's most valuable function: using iOS's location services to determine how far away you are.

Weather Channel

The Weather Channel App
The Weather Channel app is perhaps the most exhaustive, including weather maps, animated radar maps, detailed weather conditions and forecasts, severe weather alerts" and more are available locally or by search. It gets high ratings by most users, but some say they prefer the Weather Channel's mobile site over the application.

iMap Weather Radio

iMap Weather Radio
The iMap Weather Radio app draws on your phone or tablet's GPS and alerts users if they enter an area "where a watch/warning is subsequently issued," among other things. The app costs $9.99. As advertised, this is a radio app. While some users swear by its voice and text alerts, one user says the updates arrive about 30 minutes after the National Weather Service issues a warning: "It once 'alerted' me of a tornado warning after the storms had cleared out." He recommends a NOAA all hazards weather radio for faster alerts.

Hurricane - American Red Cross

Hurricane -- American Red Cross (Android, iOS)
Last but not least, Hurricane -- American Red Cross for both Android or iOS is a newer, totally free addition to Android's growing hurricane-tracking stable, but it's more than just a tracker — this app lets you "monitor conditions in your area or throughout the storm track, prepare your family and home, find help and let others know you are safe even if the power is out." It is a little light on meteorological data, but think of it as the "safety first" tracker.

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