Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2013 Vol. 60 No. 2

Message From The Chief

Though not always common in sunny Texas, severe winter weather events do happen, which is why it is important to continually remind our communities what dangers and threats to be aware of and how to prepare.

Severe Weather Awareness Week in Texas is March 3-9, 2013. The goal of this event is not only to educate new residents and generations about the dangers of Texas weather, but also to remind our residents to update their emergency plans, double check emergency supply kits and to be prepared for tornadoes, floods, hail, straight-line windstorms and other potentially dangerous events.

Each year, the National Weather Service and the Texas Division of Emergency Management, local officials and emergency managers throughout the state join together in a public awareness campaign to prepare Texans to deal with severe weather events.

Severe Weather Awareness Week materials are available on our website for you to use to help get the word out in your community. There are materials providing tips on conducting your own local awareness campaigns, working with Texas media, civic groups and organizations, business leaders and the education community.

Again and again you have supported these statewide efforts to keep our communities safe and to raise awareness of the dangers of severe weather events in Texas. I hope you will continue your dedicated support of this key initiative. Thank you for everything you do for our state.

Chief W. Nim Kidd, CEM®
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Save the Date: 2013 Texas Emergency Management Conference l San Antonio l March 25-28

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