Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2013 Vol. 60 No. 12

Critical Information Systems unit

Citizen Preparedness Workshop

In April, TDEM brought in Jeff Newbold to staff a new Critical Information Systems unit (CIS). The CIS unit is the technology component and subject matter experts for all information systems that TDEM uses and may use in the future. If it is a software program, technology solution or in many cases the actual hardware, the CIS unit know-how will make it work for the TDEM operations folks and will support it when needed. The CIS unit will also simplify complex technical processes or products to something more easily usable during emergency incidents by a wide range of disciplines.

Nursing Conference

Additionally, the CIS unit has a role within the presentation and “look and feel” of TDEM. If it's a process or product that TDEM uses to communicate with federal, state or local agencies or the general public, the CIS unit will make sure that it runs without a hitch, striving to give a good “technical production” to any such communication. Think of it as Stage Theater; all those things that happen behind the scenes to make the show seem naturally simple.

Finally, the CIS unit supports the State Operations Center (SOC) as well as Field Response regarding deployments of any size and scope, including when TDEM is in a support function. If TDEM staff or those being supported by TDEM have needs that fall under the umbrella of technology use, the CIS unit will be that bridge between the TDEM staff and others, with the support of the Department of Public Safety Information Technology Division.

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