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Kid-tracking Filip smartwatch coming to AT&T 
Oct. 7, 2013 at 7:43 PM ET

Tech-savvy parents looking for a powerful way to keep track of and communicate with their kids will be happy to hear that the Filip smartwatch, which also lets children phone parents and vice versa, is coming to AT&T. The device puts young ones on a digital leash without over-complicating things.

We saw the Filip demoed at CES in Vegas at the beginning of the year. You put it on your child's wrist, and it keeps track of location via GPS and other means. An iPhone or Android app lets the parent check their child's current location, set safe areas in which they can roam, or send a message.

It's also a full-on phone, capable of making and receiving calls. Not only can the parent call the child if they're not answering messages or if they stray too far, but the child can call pre-programmed numbers with the press of a single big red button. No need to select a contact; the Filip tries each of five pre-set phone numbers in succession until someone answers. (Originally this article stated that the watch would then call emergency services, but this feature has been delayed due to parental concerns. Other options are being considered.)

It will also text those numbers with location data and record ambient noise so anyone picking up can hear where they are (near a freeway? the mall?) or whether, perhaps, someone is trying to help.


Different angles of the Filip, which comes in kid-friendly colors (and yes, it also gives the time).

The Filip sounds great (being rugged and water resistant is definitely a good thing), but it hadn't been clear when it would be released — until Monday's announcement from AT&T. You'll see the Filip available online by the time the holidays roll around, although how much it will cost is still up in the air.

"You will need an AT&T plan and Filip Technologies will announce price and details shortly," wrote a representative for the companies in an email to NBC News. Whether that's a full-on plan or a special low-cost one for this device isn't clear.

You can read more about the device on Filip's Web page. We'll be sure to follow up with a more detailed review once the product is actually shipping.

Devin Coldewey is a contributing writer for NBC News Digital. His personal website is coldewey.cc.

Introducing the Official Neighborhood Watch App
Report. Stay informed. Make a difference.

Neighborhood Watch App

For nearly half a century the National Neighborhood Watch Program has been the premier crime prevention initiative in the United States, helping citizens to serve as additional “eyes and ears” for law enforcement. Now for the first time, Neighborhood Watch is introducing a mobile phone app for iphone, Blackberry and Android platforms. The Neighborhood Watch App has dynamic reporting capabilities including options to add photos and text to reports from Block Captains, volunteers, or from citizens who want to report anonymously. Linked to a proprietary database of law enforcement agencies from throughout the country, the Neighborhood Watch App enables citizens to report crime concerns, suspicious activities and community disorder.

The NW App also offers innovative features such as mini training videos, and tips on starting, revitalizing or expanding your Neighborhood Watch. Additionally, our Ask the Expert section allows users to query national crime prevention and Neighborhood Watch experts on topics of interest.

Preparing for emergency scenarios
By: YNN Staff
10/10/2013 03:18 PM

You’re sitting in a restaurant and a gunman comes into the room, should your run, fight or hide? If you hide, remember not to use your cell phone because the lights and sounds could give you away.

The Travis County Sheriff’s Office wants you to know the answer that works for whatever scenario you may find yourself in. Senior deputies lead a workplace violence program to help people prepare for the worst.

"What would I do? What would you do?" Sr. Travis County Derrick Taylor said. "If I'm with my family no one ever thinks about that, all I want to do is get a conversation started between a person and their business, an owner and their employees or a person and their family."

The Travis County Sheriff's Office has resources and programs.

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