Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2011 Vol. 58 No. 9

ETN Wristbands Now Available for Use in Training

ETN Wristbands

The EvacCenter portion of Emergency Tracking Network (ETN) is making some significant enhancements to its training capability. The ETN is a project to track all evacuees under state care – whether they are in the general population or medical evacuees – using a common, statewide database. The network shares data among four evacuee tracking systems.

Since the inception of the ETN, one of the primary requests from Emergency Management Coordinators and other users across the state is to be able to use actual wristbands for training and exercises. Chief W. Nim Kidd and the ETN Advisory Group have made reusable ETN training bands a high priority.

As a result, the EvacCenter portion of the ETN is establishing a new URL for training purposes. This URL will point to a completely separate database from the database actually used during disasters. Training data will no longer be uploaded into the regular ETN production environment.

In addition, a group of training wristbands will be established in the new training database and will not be available in the existing production server. In other words, training bands can only be used in the new training environment. If a user attempts to input the training bands into the regular production side of ETN, the data will not be saved.

These wristbands will be clearly marked for training use and will have Velcro tabs to allow multiple attachments. In order to make the training wristbands re-usable, all evacuee data will be erased from the database each night. The training bands will then be available for re-use the following day.

The training bands will function exactly like a regular band – that is, numbers will not be duplicated. They will be reset each night, allowing jurisdictions to have unlimited uses of the bands.

TDEM plans to provide each point-to-point jurisdiction with 25 training bands and 20 animal/medical tags at TDEM expense as a part of the new training program. Non-point-to-point jurisdictions or jurisdictions which desire more than those allotted by TDEM may purchase additional training bands from Radiant if they so choose.

IMPORTANT NOTE: WebEOC, EMTrack and SNCA will NOT be connected to the training server. For the foreseeable future, this training option will only be available for the EvacCenter portion of the Texas Emergency Tracking Network.

TDEM: Emergency Tracking Network Advisory Group page

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