Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2011 Vol. 58 No. 11


Message from the Chief

Winter Weather Awareness Day in Texas is November 10. This is an important time for all Texans to learn how to prepare for this type of weather event as it can move in suddenly.

Texans in the Panhandle this year experienced the first dusting of snow the last week in October. This first winter event came only weeks after the state endured the hottest summer on record, and while many communities are still recovering from wildfires and experiencing exceptional drought conditions.

The disasters we have endured this year have taught us just how quickly our ability to respond can be tested. It highlights why it is so important to know the threats that can affect our communities, what nearby resources are available and which qualified professionals we can call on when the crisis comes. Taking the time to get to know the colleagues in our field and neighboring jurisdictions that can provide needed support is invaluable.

The Texas Division of Emergency Management will host the 2012 Texas Emergency Management Conference at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio April 2-5. This is the prime opportunity for you, the members of the emergency management community, and our partners to come together and take the time to discuss the topics that matter most to you. This conference, and your involvement in the face-to-face meeting opportunities it provides are among the key factors that help make Texas a leader in preparedness and response. It is because of your involvement that we are able to succeed at what we do.

More information about the conference will be distributed in the weeks ahead. Please join us in making this a successful event. I look forward to seeing you in San Antonio April 2-5, 2012.

Chief W. Nim Kidd, CEM®
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