Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2010 Vol. 57 No. 3


Chief W. Nim Kidd & Public Safety Disaster District Chairmen in the State Operations Center
TDEM Chief W. Nim Kidd meets with the Texas Department of Public Safety Disaster District Chairmen in the State Operations Center.
Photo by Rachel Jordan-Shuss

During the last few months I have traveled the state to meet face to face with leaders in the emergency management community. Asking for your participation and feedback on ways we can improve how we work together is important to me – and it’s important to Texas.

Professional development is critical. I have made it a point through the years to continue taking training courses, participating in key committees and professional associations – and seeking active leadership roles, no matter how much extra time was involved. I want to encourage you to do the same.

Participating on committees and taking any opportunity for available training can help expand your personal networks and keep you connected with the larger emergency management community in Texas and the nation. I cherish those experiences because they have taught me that the best solutions are found through collaboration and teamwork.

Recently, we have begun sending out surveys related to different areas of TDEM sections. We are seeking your input on a variety of subjects from Training and Exercise to Plans. We have also posted information on the TDEM website seeking participation on committees we plan to form with the goal of streamlining and improving all aspects of emergency management in Texas.

These are additional opportunities for your voices to be heard, to highlight those issues you feel are important and to make sure we are addressing the issues. Take a moment to review the following pages and provide your feedback. This agency needs your ideas on how we can improve the processes we follow in preparedness, response, recovery and mitigation.

TDEM Surveys page

TDEM Committee Interest page

Chief W. Nim Kidd

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