Texas Emergency Management ONLINE 2010 Vol. 57 No. 2


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The diagram above shows the cyclic nature of emergency management. Prevention, preparedness, response and recovery are the four basic elements or “phases” in the cycle. Often, mitigation overlaps with prevention.

A little over five years has passed since Gov. Rick Perry issued Executive Order RP 40, adopting the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as the statewide system. Immediately following its release, the Plans Unit of the Texas Division of Emergency Management revised the State plan and annexes to incorporate NIMS – and then followed by revising the local planning templates. Based on the current five-year planning cycle, TDEM will begin by revising plans with a 2005, or later, date.

The priorities during this cycle are to:

  •  Incorporate legislative changes
  •  Update operational procedures
  •  Address concerns reported by Emergency Management Coordinators during the recent Planning Survey

The process is straightforward for local jurisdictions. When it is time to revise a local planning document, simply return to the TDEM website and download the current planning document and make the necessary local revisions as you have in the past.

The State Planning Standards and Planning Notes are available to assist you in the revision. The release of a newly revised annex template; however, will not require a jurisdiction to immediately revise their corresponding local annex. The local annex should be revised prior to the five-year anniversary date on the signature and implementation page of the current local annex.

It is also recommended that jurisdictions submit planning documents to TDEM at least 60 days prior to the due date to allow for the review and resolution of any problems before the document expires (see DEM-10, Revision 4, dated January 2008). Questions about the plan revision process should be directed to Mike Bewley, Plans Unit Supervisor, by calling 512/424-2452.

In related news, the Plans Unit is currently looking at new systems to allow users to submit plans to TDEM electronically. This is still in the research gathering mode, but implementing an electronic planning system could happen in the near future.

Rex E. Ogle, Jr.