The Planner's Toolkit

The Planner’s Toolkit is a one-stop planning resource for Texas emergency management planners. The Toolkit contains all the information planners need to develop accurate, accessible and actionable emergency preparedness plans that meet the state’s and FEMA’s guidelines for comprehensive plans.

The Planner’s Toolkit consists of the following three sections:

Emergency Management Planner’s Guide
The Emergency Management Planner’s Guide is designed to help Texas emergency managers produce accurate, comprehensive, integrated emergency operations plans that meet the needs of the whole community they serve. It draws on FEMA’s Comprehensive Planning Guide (CPG) 101, the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge, and information from the Texas Division of Emergency Management (DEM)-10. The Planner’s Guide is both a reference and a functional tool. It contains planning guidance as well as a do-it-yourself project plan that can be used to manage the planning process.

The CPG 101 Content Requirements attachment contains a series of tables for functional and hazard annexes designed for use with the Emergency Management Planner’s Guide.

Documentation Standards
This valuable resource is a compilation of best practices for developing plans documentation. It covers a wide range of topics, from file-naming conventions, to helpful writing tips and style guidelines for planners, to using diagrams and other graphic elements to help make plans clear and usable. It also contains a section on best practices for making information accessible to differently-abled populations.

Learn how to create documentation standards for your organization.

Legislation Navigation Guide
The Legislation Navigation Guide helps planners look up relevant legislation as quickly and efficiently as possible. A quick-start reference tool, the guide orients the reader using screen shots from key legislative websites along with supplementary instructions and notes. It includes a step-by-step tour of each website with explanations of where to find what. Because state and federal legislation that authorizes and governs emergency management plans is complex and subject to amendment, the Legislation Navigation Guide is a critical planning resource.