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Continuity of Operations (COOP)

The COOP Unit serves as the Texas Department of Public Safety's (DPS) subject matter expert for continuity of operations (COOP) planning. The COOP Unit develops, articulates and maintains DPS' COOP strategy and continuity procedures, facilitates COOP training workshops for federal, state and local government organizations and develops continuity policy and procedures.

Continuity of operations planning is the effort of thinking through and documenting how the agency continues to perform its essential functions in the wake of any disruptive incident. Continuity planning identifies personnel, facilities and other resources required to continue performing these functions. Each DPS division works with the COOP Unit to articulate this information. Because DPS provides vital services to people throughout Texas as well as critical support to key federal functions, a significant interruption in DPS services can have severe implications and potentially devastating consequences. Therefore, a comprehensive DPS COOP plan has been created to help ensure the timely restoration of essential functions.

The DPS COOP Agency Plan.
Additional Continuity of Operations information can be found on FEMA's website.
State agencies can find continuity resources at the State Office of Risk Management's (SORM) website.
COOP-related courses and exercises can be found on the Preparing Texas website.